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My River

You can make a difference

Even though Lima stores its drinking water in many large reservoirs, the primary sources of that water are the Ottawa and Auglaize Rivers. You live in a watershed, and every time it rains, the loose stuff on the surface of the landscape gets washed into the river. There are five simple ways that you can make a difference in the quality of our water:

Clean storm sewers

It’s important to keep leaves, pet waste, trash and other debris from going down storm drains. Regularly clean drains to have the best impact on stream health.

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Don’t drip

Prevent your car from leaving oil and other deposits on paved surfaces. Check your car for leaks and recycle motor oil.

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Wash in the grass

Direct outdoor wash water onto grassy areas.

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Fertilize properly

Use fertilizers sparingly, preventing overspray onto hard surfaces.

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Compost your leaves, grass clippings and trimmings.

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